Serve Wild Game at your Super Bowl Party!


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The Super Bowl is here! For the 4th time in 5 years 😳, the Kansas City Chiefs are in the Super Bowl! Go Chiefs!

Whether you like football, the commercials, or you're just here for Taylor Swift, everybody loves the food and drinks at a Super Bowl party.

What better time to share our love for the outdoors, hunting, and cooking wild game than during one of America’s greatest sporting events?

Here are some of our favorite wild game recipes that also would be great for a Super Bowl party.

Dove seasons is one of the most fun and social hunting experiences; but if you are like us, you are probably sick of eating Dove Jalapeño Poppers.

Anthony Pozzi helps us expand our recipe book with a delicious and easy way to cook dove breast - Grilled Dove Breast Veggie Kebabs.

These are a delicious and nutritious way to enjoy your wild game harvest and are sure to be a hit at your Super Bowl party!

Who doesn't love a burger? Especially while watching football!

TPA Broker/Partner Jason Cleveland shows us how to make delicious and incredibly easy-to-make venison sliders!

This easy preparation will save you cooking time and freezer space - and can be done with any ground wild game or ground beef.

Anyone can cook ground venison, put it on a tortilla, and call it a taco... and don't get us wrong, we will eat it! But this recipe takes it up a couple of notches. We're sure this will not only become the hit of your party, but a regular staple in your wild game recipe book.

"Good things come to those that can wait" - Us making this goose recipe

Bust out the Sous Vide and blow your guests' minds with this Goose Breast recipe. The end result is on par with any roast beef that we've ever had. Anthony likes this recipe so much that he made it for his wedding!

If you're feeling generous enough to share one of the backstraps you have in the freezer and if you want to class the joint up a little bit and make your guests feel fancy, this is the recipe that will impress!

This is the recipe we serve to any of our friends and family who say they "don't like wild game." This will change their minds.

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Have fun and enjoy!

Let us know if you have any other recipe ideas that we should try out or make a video of next!