Congratulations to Shane Yearian on being among Trophy Properties and Auction’s TOP PRODUCERS! Shane ranked as the #3 Agent in 2022 and has consistently ranked in the top 5 year after year.


Shane has been selling land since 2006. He has a great work ethic and loves helping buyers and sellers reach their real estate goals. Buyers love working with Shane thanks to his hunting experience of over 30 years, as well as 15 years of land development. Shane won’t just sell you a farm: he will help you long after the sale with food plot locations, creating a better habitat for animals, lake or pond locations, and much more.

Sellers love working with him because of his years of experience in helping them sell their farm fast and for market price. Shane doesn’t just send his clients to a farm and tell them to walk it. He will walk along with you, answering your questions and providing valuable insight into the land.


Shane loves everything about wildlife and the outdoors and he can thank his dad for his passion for hunting, starting at the age of eight. After earning his degree from Eastern Illinois, Shane landed his dream job with PSE Archery in Tucson, Arizona. There, he worked in their marketing and video production departments designing catalogs and ads but most importantly to Shane, traveling the world as PSE’s head cameraman for their television show. Visiting countries like Australia, Mexico, Canada, and Africa and meeting people from all walks of life while seeing and hunting animals usually seen on TV or in dreams was a once in a lifetime experience.

Wanting to start a family and build a better future, Shane obtained his real estate license in 2006. He brought his love of hunting and combined it with his love of the land to help others find that piece of heaven. In the last 15 years, Shane has helped hundreds of people sell and buy their farm. With almost $100 million in sales, it goes to show that loving what you do and understanding hunting and the outdoors is a great combination.


Shane loves hanging out with his wife and two little girls. He also runs a non-profit with his family, called Borrowed Time 151, to raise money and awareness for SIDS research.


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I wanted to reach out to your office to let you know how pleased we are with the recent sale of our property in Waterloo, Illinois. Your agent, Shane Yearian, represented us in the transaction. He really was a pleasure to work with. He was attentive, responsive, and insightful throughout the process. Selling the family farm was an emotional experience, but Shane was able to guide us all in a direction that produced a satisfactory outcome for everyone involved. The farm sold so quickly in large part because Shane was able to provide timely advice and feedback throughout. His knowledge of the local market was truly invaluable.

All too often we take the time to relay our displeasure with an outcome. That is not the case on this occasion. In this instance I wanted to be sure to let you know what an asset Shane is to your office.

Thank you again for all of your help.

Dave B.

Our meeting on the July 8 was too brief for me to properly express my appreciation for your efforts in locating and in the purchase of farm ground. You are a diligent, true professional. I would not hesitate to call you again should I decide to look for more land in the future.

Ron DeForest

Shane is incredibly knowledgeable about his properties and was able to fit us with the perfect property for what we wanted. We harvested deer the first year and have learned to manage the property for years to come with his advice. His expertise is unmatched.

Julie Wagner

My sister and I are extremely pleased with your handling of the farm sale. Having been in our family so many years, the farm was an emotionally difficult sale for me especially. Your handling of the details, the county departments, the legal details, the buyer, was so helpful to my sister and me especially since we live such distances from the farm. Through it all, you remained patient, optimistic, and professional. We made the sale in a timely fashion, less than a year, and with as few “hiccups” as I’ve ever experienced in a business transaction. We wish you best of everything. Thanks for your hard work.

Linda Rosenlieb and Ann Merk

I highly recommend using Shane if you are looking to kill some great deer. He has helped put me on some of my biggest bucks. Always determined to find you the perfect piece of property.

Derek Dillenberger

Shane was fantastic! He had our property under contract in less than a week! Very easy to work with and made the entire process a breeze.

Holly Diekemper

Shane was able to sell our property in a timely and professional manner.
He was so easy to work with.
Shane’s possesses the knowledge of what hunting ground should be. Whether you are buying or selling a property, I highly recommend you give Shane a call!!

Tim Porch