What sets Jim apart is that he truly is a full-service Realtor, even after the sale. Jim has a network of talented individuals he works with that can help owners get their property the way they want it. He connects buyers with excavators, fence builders, farm tenants, and more. To Jim, being a Realtor is not just about selling a piece of real estate; it includes service after the sale.


Jim Reber calls Iowa home. He spends much of his time in the outdoors hunting, fishing and managing recreational property. In his eyes this is time well spent as it allows him not only to appreciate the outdoors, but also equip him to better service his clients.

Jim manages about 1,500 acres that he co-owns and most of his land management knowledge comes from working hard everyday and learning from others experiences.


Jim takes great pride in having a lot of repeat business. He credits his “service approach” to having so many returning clients. Jim believes it’s his obligation to help clients get their property set up as they envision it.

When Reber isn’t working in the field, he and his wife, Jill, enjoy making memories with their grandkids. Jim also enjoys hunting and fishing with their adult sons, Jason and Matt.

If you’re looking for land in the Midwest, Jim Reber, licensed in Missouri and Iowa, can assist you with his full-service approach to land sales.


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    Licensed In Missouri

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    Licensed in Iowa