Lot #7-2 00 Billets Landing Place
Perry , MO 63462

5 Acre Residential Building Lot for Sale in Wood Acres Airpark – Ralls County

Property Highlights:

  • Wood Acres Airpark
  • 3,200 foot long grass runway
  • Taxi runways from all lots to main runway
  • Minutes from Mark Twain Lake
  • Near Perry, MO

Located 1 mile West off of Highway Missouri J down Greenlawn Trail, you will find 7M01 Wood Acres Airpark. For many pilots, the thought of stepping out of the house, getting into an airplane, and taxiing just a few hundred feet to the runway — all without ever touching a car door — is the ultimate fantasy. For the thousands who live in residential airparks around the country, that way of life is not just a pipe dream but an everyday reality. When it comes to the benefits that fly-in communities afford, the upsides are plentiful, ranging from everything to more time spent in the air to a strong sense of neighborhood camaraderie among like-minded aviators. But selecting the right airpark to call home can be tricky, Wood Acres Airpark in Perry, MO has a 3,200-foot-long grass runway and taxi lanes leading to each lot. This “fly-in community is only minutes away from the Clarence Cannon Dam and the Mark Twain Lake. The beauty of that wide spectrum is that today’s airparks provide living experiences as diverse as the wants and desires of the pilot population. If you are a pilot who craves quiet country landscapes and rural living Wood Acres Airpark is for you.