2404 E 307th St
Cleveland , MO 64734

Property Highlights:

  • Profitable greenhouse business with 20 secluded acres and 4-bedroom home in Cass County, MO.
  • Specializes in herb, vegetable, and ornamental plants with organic soil and methods.
  • Advanced soil management with organic additives.
  • Innovative 180,000-gallon rainwater collection system.
  • Eco-friendly pest control using natural predators.
  • Includes high-tech greenhouse with energy-efficient systems.
  • Sale comes with complete operational equipment.
  • Turnkey solution for easy ownership transition.
  • Opportunity to continue a legacy of environmental stewardship.
  • Financials and inventory available post-NDA.

Sullivan’s Greenhouse is a wholesale greenhouse grower serving independent garden centers in the Kansas City area. This is a modern facility of nearly 50,000 square feet under cover. It is and has been a profitable operation that has grown in volume incrementally every year since it was started 26 years ago. It is a turnkey situation with a great list of customers and potential for growth. All the current customers are within a one-hour drive.

The product mix includes annual color, hanging baskets, herb, and vegetable transplants. Pantry Garden Herbs and Pantry Garden Veggies is a well-known and respected brand in the Kansas City area.

The business is situated in southwest Cass County Missouri on 20 secluded acres with a nice four-bedroom home. It’s a great place to raise a family. The land is set up for small-scale livestock production and other homesteading features.

At the core of Sullivan’s Greenhouse is an unwavering dedication to healthy, sustainable practices. Specializing in herb, vegetable, and ornamental plants, the greenhouse employs organic and conventional inputs to foster robust plant growth. The use of an organic soil blend, enriched with peat moss, perlite, and composted fertilizer, sets the stage for superior crop quality.

Sullivan’s is at the forefront of eco-friendly operations with its sophisticated rainwater collection and distribution system, capable of storing up to 180,000 gallons, thus ensuring ample supply for irrigation and household needs. Pest management at Sullivan’s embraces nature’s own mechanisms, utilizing banker plants and predatory insects like parasitic wasps and mites to maintain ecological balance and reduce pest pressure.

The sale encompasses the business, the 20-acre property with a beautiful 4-bedroom home, and state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities. The property boasts a well-integrated system of high-efficiency heaters, cooling vents, and energy-saving technologies, ensuring operational excellence and sustainability.

Included in the sale is a full suite of operational equipment, from advanced irrigation systems and automated shade controls to pest management tools and organic farming supplies. This turnkey package offers a seamless transition for the new owner to continue and expand on the established success of Sullivan’s Greenhouse.

This sale represents more than just a business transaction; it’s an invitation to sustain and grow a legacy of environmental stewardship, organic excellence, and community impact. Sullivan’s Greenhouse is not merely a place of business but a testament to the harmony between agriculture and nature, awaiting a steward with a vision for the future of green industry.

A full list of what is included in the sale and the company's financials can be reviewed once an NDA has been signed by the prospective buyer.