2024 Duck Season - Highlight Reel Recap


Some of the Trophy Properties and Auction team went down to New Madrid, MO for a few days of duck hunting in the Bootheel!

We were lucky enough to hunt with some of the members of the Banded Waterfowl team, as well as Kent Cullum, a 9x World Champion Duck Caller and the owner of Hobo Duck Calls.

DSC 6454
A successful few days in the blind!

Be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube channel later this year!


We sat down with Kent Cullum and recorded a 1+ hour duck calling masterclass video. He covers everything from how to hold a duck call, all the way to how to make sure you are able to get those ducks to finish. Kent is literally a world-class duck caller and you do not want to miss this video when it comes out.

If you want to buy one of Kent's calls, check out Hobo Duck Calls - http://www.hoboduckcalls.com/

DSC 6070
If you can't call 'em, call Kent Cullum!

Broker/Owner Jason Cleveland brought his dog, Stella, and she is definitely a good girl. A well-trained dog can be the most important tool a hunter has in their arsenal. There is nothing better than watching a dog do what it was made to do.

DSC 5861
Stella is a good girl

We are sad that duck season is over, but we are happy to have made the memories and harvested the ducks we did!

Not happy with your 2023 duck hunting season?

Now is a great time to start thinking about where you are going to be hunting this fall, and if you should make any changes. If you are wanting to make a change, whether it be making improvements to your current property, or selling what you have to buy something better. Give us a call! We have multiple waterfowl experts on our team to help you maximize the value of your current property, or help you find a hidden-gem duck hunting property.