Doug is a get-it-done kind of guy that listens closely to his clients to get them what they want. He has been hunting since he was old enough to cock a BB gun, and farming for 30 years which gives him the knowledge to help his clients get the best of what they are looking for, whether they know what that is or not. Doug is there to help.

For the majority of his working career he has been negotiating deals on a daily basis, be it a $5,000 car or a million dollar property. As such, Doug has learned how to read people and make the most of the deal and there is for you if you would want some help in that area. Doug’s hard work, fair dealings, and teamwork are hallmarks of his personality and you can rely on the fact that his word is his bond in both business and life.


Doug has spent the last 25 years working within a private “family” business setting. The Ackerman family operated a multi-dimensional automotive/truck sales and service platform, comprised of several product lines including Buick, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Toyota, and Kenworth trucks. Operations were based within the St. Louis region.

Doug has also spent time in both operational and executive level management positions during his tenure. He additionally led the company’s land investment portfolio and real estate facilities. In addition to his conventional business background, Doug is an experienced charter pilot.


Doug and his wife Katie have two young children, Sally and Billy, and reside in St. Louis County. Doug is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys fishing, hunting, and farming. Since he was a young boy, Doug has had a strong desire to hunt and fish and growing up on the Missouri River has given him the ability to build a strong foundation of that and since has passionately honed those skills and turned them into part of his career.


  • Licensed In Missouri

  • FAA Certified Drone Pilot