Courtney’s unique skill set and educational background will maximize your real estate experience. With 15 years of wildlife/management expertise she can help you understand the potential that each property offers or help you market your own property, revealing its true value. Courtney’s passions collide here at Trophy, where she shares her love for the land, wildlife, and the outdoors with her clients. Her intense desire to connect fellow enthusiasts with the property of their dreams drives her to be the agent you come back to. If you are looking to develop a long-lasting relationship with an agent that is reliable, honest, and a straight shooter, Courtney is your gal.


Courtney’s love for rural Missouri stems from her early years of bouncing through the hayfields learning to drive her dad’s old Ford pickup and digging nightcrawlers out of a coffee can with her grandma on the pond bank. At the age of 10, Courtney harvested her first bow-kill and shortly after, was packing her bags for her first trip out west. From hunting to kayaking and everything in-between, Courtney’s undying love for outdoor recreation drove her to an exciting career as a wildlife biologist.

Courtney left Missouri to earn a degree in Wildlife Management and Conservation and pursue a Master’s in Wildlife Ecology. She worked across the states tracking bobcats, collaring Grizzly bears, and so much more. After returning to Missouri in 2013, Courtney was involved with research teams that explored the ecology of Missouri’s quail, turkeys, whitetail, black bear, and elk, developing extensive knowledge of managing these wildlife species. For the last four years she has used this experience to guide landowners in techniques to increase wildlife and wildlife habitat on their property. She finds it incredibly rewarding to work with producers, hobby farmers, and investors to maximize their farms potential.

Taking her career to the next level, Courtney has joined Trophy Properties and Auction as a Land and Wildlife Specialist. Aligning with her passions and values, this gives her the opportunity to do what she loves most and be a valuable asset to her clients. She understands the significance of land acquisitions, whether it’s creating your legacy or securing an investment property that will launch you financially.


Off the clock, Courtney enjoys quality time with her family, telling stories around the bonfire or sharing a laugh while fishing for that next lunker. She loves making memories chasing long beards in the spring and quail in the fall with her bird dog, Gunner. When she isn’t in pursuit of game, Courtney helps manage several family farms for trophy whitetail and spends a significant amount of time spraying invasive species, planting natives, and creating better wildlife habitat.


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